Have You Binn To Atlantic City?

Is Atlantic City Jason Binn's next target?

jasonbinnmug.jpgKaren Feld, in her ongoing obsession with playboy publisher Jason Binn, this morning picks up a piece of gossip that we’ve heard too:

“Jason Binn has an eye on Atlantic City as his next magazine market. He follows the money. His luxury publication, Capitol File, hits the stands in D.C. next month. It’s difficult to land a quote from Binn since he’s been flying high on hotel and casino owner Steve Wynn‘s private Boeing 737 jet, which he has told pals is so huge that ‘it’s like being in a condo.’ Binn also landed a seat on Harvey Weinstein’s jet to D.C. for a recent film premiere.”

The Atlantic City publication, if it comes to exist, would join Niche Media’s family of lux glossies in D.C., Boston, New York, Aspen, L.A., and the Hamptons.

[Confidential Note To Jason: We’re assuming our invitation to hang out on Wynn’s jet got lost in the mail?]