Have You Backed Up Your Ebooks Lately?

Did you here what happened over the weekend? Google accidentally reset 150 thousand GMail accounts. That’s 150 thousand people who have lost all their emails, contact info, and any attached files. Some of them have used GMail for 5 years or more, and now it’s all gone.

Google is working to recover the lost data, yes. But what about the next disaster? Ebookstores don’t last forever, and some have even lost ebooks that they promised to store (Fictionwise, Amazon, Sony). An ebookstore might even close unexpectedly. Are you ready?

The first rule of backup is to have a copy off of your main device. If you use an eReader, make sure you have a copy of all your ebooks on your computer.  Next, you might want to consider keeping a copy of your library on another computer or on some type of Flash storage (thumb drive, SD card, etc).  Or you might want to have your second backup online. Dropbox is a good, free option, with up to 2 GB free disk space.

P.S. The same goes for all your data, actually. It’s never too soon to plan for the next fiasco.

image via Flickr

(The same goes for all your data, actually.)