Have We Reached the Brightkite Tipping Point?

Back in May I wrote about Brightkite and asked whether or not Brightkite would be able to overcome the hurdles that Dodgeball wasn’t able to. While it’s debatable whether or not there were hurdles or Google just let the product die, the bottom line is that Dodgeball failed. Years later Brightkite was announced and initially I thought it would suffer the same fate.

I think my opinion is beginning to change as I’ve begun using the iPhone application over the past few days and it’s pretty sweet. For instance, while sitting through a FIOS demo yesterday at Verizon, I was able to take a photo with the address attached to it and upload it immediately to Brightkite. I definitely had numerous options though when it came to uploading the photo.

I could have uploaded it to Facebook where it probably would have received a few comments. I also could have uploaded it to Flickr and then tweet out a link to the photo. There is a certain “cool factor” in being able to use the iPhone GPS and have Brightkite immediately determine my location though. I’m not sure if the novelty of my mobile location discovery capabilities will wear off but for now it’s pretty fun.

There’s also the problem that only a few friends actively use Brightkite. Also, Twitterific already has a location-based feature that updates Twitter with your actual location. While it’s limited to displaying your latitude and longitude, I could see the potential for adding more features. I’m still not sure whether or not this is a lasting service but integration with the iPhone has definitely improved my experience with it.

Have you been using Brightkite more often? Do you think that the iPhone application is a game changer or just hype?