Have actors and writers reached “the same conclusions”? It Depends

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with Writers Guild of America, West president Patric Verrone, and he told me that while the actors and writers of Hollywood might not be on the same paths, they’d at least reached “the same conclusions” about getting better treatment from producers when it came to residuals from DVDs and product placement. depends.jpg

Well, as of yesterday, it looks like the two Guilds are not only reaching the same conclusions; they kind look like they’re on the same path: The war path.

Reuters reports that after being locked out of an advertising summit about branded entertainment some

“200 actors and writers carried picket signs and chanted in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel as agents, producers and brand directors spoke to advertisers at a daylong conference. Passing cars honked in support.”

I think that the producers might want to consider writing some Depends into the negotiations script; we suspect Hollywood is gonna need ’em.