Have a Heart? Get Paid to Be a Do-Gooder

You have a big heart and want to help the world, but you have to put a roof over your head, too. You can volunteer in your spare time, but you could also go the extra mile and devote your career to a do-good organization.

Chances are you have great skills that can be applied to numerous non-profits and groups that are working toward a positive goal. For instance, if you’re an animal-loving online marketing whiz, you could snag a senior manager position at ASPCA. Communications experts could find a new home at the Food Bank For New York City, which is currently hiring at the manager level.

These are just two examples. It’s important to realize that non-profits need to be staffed just as any other company. If you’re drawn to a specific outfit, head to its website and look to see if it has a careers section. Many list their available openings right on their sites. If not, you can always send an inquiry to someone under the “Contact Us” tab, or just give the organization a call. We’re sure they’ll be happy to hear from you.

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