Hats Off Or On Depending On How You Feel Today

This writer has a small collection of hats. Three or four new contemporary one-of-a-kind designer toppers, several vintage ones, and the rest she has sewn or crocheted herself. So she was quite intrigued by hear about Saturday Night Hat: Quick, Easy Hatmaking for the Downtown Girl written by New York City milliner Eugenia Kim. Here’s what Eugenia’s editor at Potter Craft, Rosy Ngo, had to say in an email interview about the tome, which will be published in December.

UnBeige: What prompted Eugenia to write Saturday Night Hat?
Rosy Ngo (RN): Eugenia felt there was a need in the marketplace for a fun, easy-to-understand hatmaking book. It’s millinery for the masses or “hat design for dummies,” as she says in the introduction to the book.

U: What’s the market like for this kind of book?
RN: I think it is strong. The popularity of sewing is on the rise and there are many people who find personalizing clothing a very gratifying and fun thing to do. We’ve had good success with our t-shirt transformation book 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim & Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special not only in book stores, but also in places like Urban Outfitters. Making a brand-new hat (or sprucing up an old hat) adds a wallop of a punch to one’s look but doesn’t take a lot of time to achieve.

U: What kind of research did you (or Eugenia) do to determine how successful a book such as Saturday Night Hat might be?
RN: We looked at the popularity of sewing and millinery, both in terms of previous book sales and the health of the overall categories, but really, we fell in love with Eugenia’s vibrant writing style and her awesome hats. A book that can entertain, inspire, and teach new skills will resonate with readers.

U: How will the publisher promote Saturday Night Hat? Do you have any special promotions or events planned for the marketing campaign?
RN: Yes, we plan on getting national print attention with reviews and features in women’s, fashion, sewing, and general crafting magazines, as well as newspapers nationwide. We’ll also be targeting appropriate national TV shows, websites, and blogs. As a successful designer, Eugenia has many strong editorial contacts, so we are working closely with her on publicity. We’ll be sending Eugenia to several markets for local media and events as well.

End of interview. We already know that Eugenia will be making an appearance at Phoebe 45, a Chicago apparel boutique, in December. Perhaps this writer will have a few more hats stitched up by then!