75% Of Social Media Users Now Use Hashtags [STUDY]

What was once an informal convention confined to geeks, developers, and early adopters (pretty much one and the same, eh?), has become a mainstream element of social media for the masses.

A new study by RadiumOne reveals that a full three quarters of social media users employ hashtags.

But it gets even more surprising.

First of all, give our Short History of the Hashtag post a quick read for some background.

Done? Great.

Now, listen to this: the 500-person RadiumOne study illustrated that, not only are 75% of people on social media using hashtags, 70% of affirmative respondents were women, and 44% were middle-aged.

So hashtags have definitely become mainstream, and even adopted and encouraged officially by platforms including (besides Twitter, of course), Instagram, Pinterest, and even – Facebook?!

Further, of respondents who reported that they use hashtags, 70.5% used them mainly on mobile. And since the reasons for using hashtags included exploring new content, sharing that content among your own social network, and expressing yourself, it makes sense that that happens more fluidly and frequently on-the-go rather than sitting stationary at a desktop computer.

Do you use hashtags, on Twitter but also across other social platforms? What would you say you use them most for? Let us know, below!

(Hat tip: VentureBeat; image via Shutterstock)