Visually Explore Twitter Hashtags And Their Relationships With Hashtagify

Twitter hashtags are a convenient way to group tweets around a binding topic but they can quickly become overwhelmed by noise and spam.

One solution to this problem is to move on to different but related hashtag, but how do you know where to go?

Enter Hashtagify.

Visit the site and search for the hashtag of your choice. You will see it displayed inside a red circle – the more popular the hashtag, the bigger the circle. You’ll also see a popularity rating displayed as a percentage measured against the most popular hashtag on Twitter (which would score a perfect 100).

Moving around the main hashtag are as many as 10 of the top related hashtags – the stronger the correlation, the bigger the grey line that links them.

For example, here’s a visualisation of #twitter and its related hashtags.

You can click on any of these hashtags to move them to the centre of the visual, and the results will update accordingly.

The most popular hashtag I could find was #ff, which rates 99.6/100. At the time of writing, Hastagify has found over two million hashtags in some 88,423,369 tweets.

Hashtagify was created by Daniele Mazzini, who has let me know that additional functionality is coming to the tool which will reveal the top influencers for any hashtag. I’ve had an early preview of this feature and it’s very promising.

(I can also reveal, on the QT, that @cnnbrk is the top influencer in the #twitter hashtag. Who’d have thunk it?)

For more information about how the project came to fruition, Daniele provides quite a bit of detail about the development path in the about section on his site and in the Hastagify blog.