Hashable Mobile for iPhone: Contact Management Using Social Networks

After reading about Hashable for Android in this article by Appolicious, I wondered if there was a version for the iPhone.

Hashable Android app helps remember people you’ve met

The answer is yes. Hashable for the iPhone is free and found here in the iTunes App Store.

Hashable Mobile

Hashable is a combination social business card and relationship tracker. It associates people with an email address or Twitter handle. The place you met someone can be defined by a Foursquare check-in. This information can be used to create contact notes and reminders for follow-ups.

In theory this sounds great. In practice, there are some issues. For example, if you login to Hashable using a Twitter account, it is not clear why people you follow on Twitter are divided into two groups. One group shows up under the label “Add friends to your Innner Circle” while the other group falls under the label “Invite friends to Hashable.” I assume the first group of people already have authenticated with Hashable through Twitter. But, there is nothing to confirm this notion. The app can also scan my iPhone contacts or email addresses in a Gmail account. But, I did not want to give the app access to that information.

Verifying my Hashable account via a link provided in an email message to me was also problematic. It requires a login which can be done by either creating a unique Hashable account or using Twitter or Facebook to authenticate. Once again, I chose to use Twitter. However, this login attempt resulted in this error message:

Dang! There has been a server error. Our engineers are working hard to fix it.
Error: 5 Hundo

If you login using Twitter, be sure to check and correct your profile. The app places your Twitter user name in both the first and last name fields.

With 30 customer ratings so far, Hashable has a very respectable average customer rating of 4-stars (out of a possible 5).