Has Facebook Fatigue Set In?

The latest statistics in from Nielsen have showed a decrease in traffic for Facebook U.S. users month to month. According to Adam Ostrow, this most recent Nielsen numbers show a 10 percent month-to-month decline in traffic for Facebook. Compete.com statistics have also shown a 4.2 percent decline month over month. Does this mean the end for Facebook? Definitely not. Just yesterday, Jemima Kiss reported that U.K. statistics have showed continued growth for Facebook last month.

A quick look at Alexa’s most recent graph shows continued growth for Facebook but that’s probably thanks to continued international expansion. So are U.S. users getting tired of using the social network site? Possibly. Growth for both MySpace and Facebook has been stagnant in the U.S. for the past six months. While the absolute user base has continued to grow, the active users for the site has remained constant.

While Facebook has wanted to grow the site domestically to the point where they have the most number of active users for any social network site, it appears that they are having a tough time facing MySpace. Have you found yourself using Facebook less frequently as of late?

Compete April 2008 Facebook Stats