Harvey Pekar RIP

RIP Harvey Pekar. The graphic novelist passed died in his home in Ohio.
Most recently Pekar had been working with Smith Magazine to produce an ongoing webcomic series.
He started a Twitter profile, though he didn’t use it much. GalleyCat reports, “Last year the curmudgeonly poet behind the comic book series American Splendor joined Twitter with a simple post: ‘Don’t go thinkin’ I started usin’ computers or anything. I’m just givin’ my twitters over the phone.’ In 2003, his long-running series was adapted into the film, American Splendor.”
The above video is from Pekar’s last visit to the David Letterman show, in which he accuses Letterman of supporting GE. It got him banned from the show. The video stems from an earlier visit in which Pekar criticizes GE.