Harvard Medical School Swine Flu Center? I’m Sticking to Reading FLU.gov

YouTube video from hmsmobile

My first thought after reading this ThisIsBrandX.com blog item…

Harvard Medical School releases iPhone app to protect against swine flu

…was, “Hey, great. a nice little free iPhone app from an authoritative source.” However, altough that blog item doesn’t mention whether the app is free or not, I’ll let you know that it is a $1.99 app in the iTunes App Store…

HMSMobile Swine Flu Center

$1.99 is a bargain for most things. But, I’m not sure this H1N1 flu app is one of them on its video promo (see above). It doesn’t have any customer rating yet. Nor are there any customer comments for the app. So, I can’t tell how well it has been received by people who bought it.

My personal feeling, however, is that I am better off pointing my desktop browser at the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control)…


…site for information about H1N1 Influenza epidemic. It would be nice if the CDC made their site mobile browser friendly though.