Outgoing Harvard Crimson Editor Celebrates Paper’s Influence

Sandra Y. L. Korn‘s final column for The Crimson is a good one. After seven semesters on the paper’s editorial board, including two as op-ed editor, she used the opportunity to sing the praises of Harvard’s student newspaper.


Although, as Korn notes, Harvard does not offer undergraduate journalism or communications degrees, The Crimson is put out daily and delivered to dorm rooms, dining halls and professors’ offices. She also recalls a notable chain of events involving Israel, Palestine and the SATs:

In October 2012, The Crimson published an op-ed titled “Israel versus No. 2 Pencils,” in which Lena K. Awwad ’13 and Shatha I. Hussein ’14 revealed that Israeli authorities had held up that year’s SAT tests, preventing Palestinian students in the West Bank from taking the exam on time. The two authors, who had both graduated from Ramallah Friends School, contextualized this event in broader Palestinian access to secondary and higher education…

In response to publicity that op-ed helped generate, the White House became involved and Palestinian students got to sit for the SAT. As I have personally learned in the past few months, publishing your opinion in your school newspaper can reach an audience far beyond the walls of our university.

We wish Korn, a joint history of science and studies of women, gender, and sexuality major, all the best with her future endeavors. At press time, her paper’s most-read articles also include some BuzzFeed-style content.

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