Harsh! McGraw-Hill Punished for CEO’s Big Mouth

Just like James Frey should have known better than to mess with Oprah, Terry McGraw should have known the consequences of crossing Steve Jobs. Jobs really likes secrecy, not gregarious CEOs casually spilling the beans about Apple’s big new product the night before the announcement.

According to VentureBeat, McGraw-Hill’s name was supposed to be on that slide with all of Apple’s publishing partners on iBooks. As you can see from the image above (from Gizmodo), it was not. VentureBeat says Jobs had it taken off after McGraw’s CNBC interview. Ugh.

Here’s the most interesting part of the VentureBeat story: “it’s a concrete lesson in just how far removed the publishing industry can be from reality. In the past, music and movie fatcats were able to figure out the unwritten rule that McGraw so glibly overlooked: If you’re working with Apple, shut up about it until Steve has left the stage.”