Harry Potter Has Facebook's 4th Most Engaging Page

Harry Potter fans are counting down until the final movie's premiere this week.

For the greater part of the past two months, Jesus Daily has had a continual stronghold as the most interactive page on Facebook. But the competition is far from over, as lively conversation continues on Mario Teguh’s social networking home, Harry Potter fans are counting down until the final movie’s premiere, and a few new religious pages are making headway.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily6,209,3011,776,244
2. Mario Teguh4,343,7161,017,138
3. The Bible7,781,305984,342
4. Harry Potter27,842,320802,316
5. Lady Gaga39,789,694659,225
6. Justin Bieber32,355,087626,434
7. Werevertumorro2,204,384523,023
8. Manchester United16,524,520494,459
9. MTV Roadies2,180,793477,016
10. Necip Fazil Kisakurek1,190,669465,527
11. We are Khaled Said1,468,176424,152
12. Jesus Christ2,769,975422,645
13. Educate yourself1,516,843339,994
14. ILoveAllaah.com6,073,887324,723
15. Quedate Otro Ratito 2,632,616320,590
16. Im a Muslim & I’m Proud5,915,670316,169
17. Kevin Hart3,705,511267,378
18. Terima Kasih Ibu2,591,225265,559
19. Dios Es Bueno!3,919,619257,096
20. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,412,629246,011


It seems a new trend is emerging amongst Jesus Daily‘s interactive fans: Not only does the spiritual site continue to hold tightly to the top spot, but it also succeeds in increasing its own interaction total from the previous week. This week the page sees an unrelenting 1,776,244 new additions to the conversation. Resting comfortably its new home once again, The Bible takes third with 984,342 new posts.

Hopping forward to the 12th position, the page for Jesus Christ has 422,645 commenters. Located one spot behind from the previous week, 324,723 likers help ILoveAllaah.com finish in 14th place. Newcomer Im a Muslim & Im Proud places two spots back with 316,169 contributions made to the discussion.

Dios Es Bueno‘s 257,096 seven day total leads to a slip as it lands in the 19th spot. Joyce Meyer Ministries‘s daily inspirational updates have the masses responding; the page makes its appearance rounding out our list totaling 246,011 interactions.


In Indonesia, social networkers help Mario Teguh hold his ground as he takes second place once again; the motivational speaker finishes the week with 1,017,138 talkative fans. As Werevertumorro announces upcoming fall events, the Spanish comedy page sees an immense increase in interaction, engaging 523,023 people for a seventh place finish. In Turkey, the 465,527 new additions to Necip Fazil Kisakurek‘s wall has the writer falling back to the tenth spot.

Coming in 11th place, We are Khaled Said‘s engagement grows by 424,152 voices. The Arabic page that most closely translates to Educate Yourself sees an increase in interaction as it comes in 13th with 339,994 comments. A Spanish love and dating page is yet another newcomer to the list; Quedate Otro Ratito entices 320,590 responses to its love-related updates.

In 18th place this week for the first time with 265,559 interactions, Terima Kasih Ibu pays homage to to the mothers in Malaysia.

Movies And TV

With the final Harry Potter film hitting theaters on Friday, it will certainly be interesting to see the response the film sees on Facebook, as the title has already shown up on our most engaging countdown. In the past seven days the Hogwarts crew had 802,316 buzzing posts added to its social networking home, a finish that propels it forward to fourth place.

Not far off from its appearance last week, “MTV Roadies” comes in ninth with 477,016 viewers tuning into Facebook to discuss the reality series. Humorous updates, a new movie trailer, and pictures from his various happenings help to earn Kevin Hart a spot in 17th for the first time; the comedian completes the week with 267,378 interactions.


Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber continue with their own neck and neck rivalry; Gaga’s fan base wins this time around with a 659,225 fifth place finish. The 17 year old star is not far behind though with 626,434 chattering pop music lovers.


Manchester United have made it to the U.S. for five matches across the nation. The tour is making noise from likers around the world; the football team comes in eighth with a 494,459 post total.

Readers, did you find yourself involved in any of the conversations on this week’s engaging pages?

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