Harry Potter Fever on Facebook

With last week’s release of the new movie and with the new book set to release in a few days, there is a ton of buzz surrounding Harry Potter. Much of this buzz has carried over into the world of Facebook. There are already 5 Harry Potter applications with a total adoption of close to 100,000 users and growing fast. In the Harry Potter spirit I decided to do a brief overview of the various applications that are currently being offered.

  • Horcruxes logo The first application up for review is the Harry Potter Voldemorts horcruxes application. This application is pretty simple. It is just a poll that asks “What objects do you think are Voldemort’s horcruxes?” The current options are Gryffindor’s sword, Harry’s scar, Hermione, the Sorting Hat and Slytherin’s locket. I have to be honest, I have no idea what any of this means even though I’ve seen all the Harry Potter movies. If you want to take a stab at guessing Voldemorts horcruxes go grab the application.
  • Harry PotterThe next application is developed by Watercooler Inc. Watercooler has been pumping out a bunch of applications for fans of various TV shows and movies (basically anything worthy of watercooler conversation). The application features pictures, news, links and quotes pertaining to Harry Potter. If you want to have a pretty thorough overview of everything pertaining to the upcoming movie, go grab the Watercooler Harry Potter application.
  • Harry Potter quotesThe Harry Potter application (unique name right?) is another simple app. All there is to it is a way to submit quotes and participate in discussion. That’s all there is. I tried out this application and had a horrible experience. Every time I went to the application it showed the “invite your friends” page and if you click “Skip” it goes to your profile. While they have a lot of work to be done on this application, close to 33,000 people have added this application. Pretty darn impressive given that the application sucks. Oh well! If you like following the wisdom of crowds, go grab the Harry Potter application.
  • Harry Potter fanThe fourth application is straight forward. Add this application and you get a huge poster on your profile that says you are a Harry Potter fan. If you are a huge fan and want the badge to prove it, go grab the Harry Potter fan application.
  • Cast a SpellI’ve decided to save the best for last. This viral application created by Mekin Maheshwari and Jyothirmayee JT is an easy way to cast spells on your friends. Just like David Gentzel’s Happy Hour application, this application requires that you invite 5 of your friends prior to using the application. Once you have invited your friends you are given a list of Harry Potter spells that you can cast on your friends. I’m assuming that they are notified once you cast the spell and need to add the application in order to view what spell you cast. This application has almost 50,000 users in a matter of days. I’m sure it will grow quickly given the viral component. If you want to cast spells on your friends, go check out the Harry Potter Magic Spells application.

So those are the Harry Potter applications currently on Facebook. While a few of them weren’t that robust, a couple are pretty viral. As usual, there are a few apps that just aren’t that great but that’s now a fact of life on Facebook. If you are a big Harry Potter fan then I recommend checking out the applications.