Harry Potter Fans: Start Following J.K. Rowling and Prepare for some Twitter-Based Disappointment

No amount of magical wizardry can make J.K. Rowling start using Twitter, it seems. The much-beloved writer does have a Twitter account, but she has made it abundantly clear to her hundreds of thousands of expectant followers that she won’t be giving up the goods on her post-Harry Potter days in 140 characters.

If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, you’ve no doubt already experienced the brief joy and then utter disappointment of following @JK_Rowling.
Yes, she has a verified account. And it’s been around since September 2009. This is really her, tweeting to the muggle world. But she’s not tweeting much.
With just 6 tweets to her name in a year and a half, Ms. Rowling’s 330,000 followers must have some sort of magical patience. They’ve been waiting for their favorite author to speak up on Twitter, divulge some secrets about Harry’s latest journeys, or at least tweet about her lunch – but no luck.
No, all 6 tweets from Ms. Rowling have been somewhat boilerplate text that sadly informs her followers that she, in fact, won’t be tweeting. Every six months or so, she’s logged on for a millisecond or two to let her followers know that “This is the real me, but you won’t be hearing from me often I’m afraid, as pen and paper are my priority at the moment.”
Her latest tweet, sent out just last week, had a slightly different message:

… but not by much.
If you are a Harry Potter fan looking to get some inside information into the mind of its creator, it looks like she won’t be divulging anything on Twitter. At least for now.