SoCal’s Wackiest Job Search Guru Strikes Again

We didn’t think it was possible. But with today’s missive “Ass Face, a Retired Actress and a Horny 41-Year-Old: Respecting Yourself and Your Job,” Harrison Barnes (pictured) has outdone himself.

The Malibu-based founder and CEO of The Employment Research Institute likes to share long, winding daily reams of wisdom with subscribers to various job search websites affiliated with his company. Barnes can always be counted for an unfiltered view of the 21st century workplace and details that often seem like they are straight out of a Hollywood screenplay.

Today’s column is all about three bad hires Barnes made, the lessons he learned and (arguably) the warning signs he ignored:

At some point during the [telemarketing job] interview, Rachael pulled out her cell phone and started showing me various pictures of a tumor that had been removed from her body not too recently. It was giant and grotesque. It had come out of her back and was at least two feet long. It looked like it had a head. It was five pounds and this monster had somehow managed to grow up the entire length of her back. She had a bunch of pictures of it on her IPhone that had been taken from all sorts of angles.

Barnes goes on to detail other equally jaw-dropping job interview moments as well as all manner of wackiness involving The Coffee Bean,, an unannounced Pakistani visitor, a $265,000 sports car, Academy Awards screeners and more. Much more (the column is 5,780 words).

Either this guy is the most liberal employer off the PCH or we’re completely out of touch with today’s cutting edge HR techniques.

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