HarperCollins in Talks with Apple?

HarperCollins is supposedly in talks with Apple to make eBooks for the rumored tablet. The Wall Street Journal broke the story, and it’s spread like wildfire across the tech blogs. Given that both HarperCollins and the WSJ are owned by News Corp, it seems like this news might indeed be credible.

Here are some details from the story:

Brian Murray, the chief executive of HarperCollins, said in December that e-books enhanced with video, author interviews and social-networking applications could command higher retail prices for publishers than current e-books. Many of the country’s largest publishing houses are worried about the sale of new bestsellers for only $9.99 in the e-book format. New releases of enhanced e-books could sell for $14.99 to $19.99, a person familiar with the situation said. HarperCollins is a unit of News Corp., which also owns The Wall Street Journal.

Presumably, we’ll be hearing more from all the big publishers about similar deals in the next couple of weeks. Particularly exciting will be the news about whether Apple will unveil a new eContent store for books and periodicals, or whether all this new content will come through the existing iTunes store.

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