Hardest Jobs To Fill: Skilled Trades, Sales, Engineers

Globally, a third of employers say they have trouble filling jobs, because applicants are inexperienced or unskilled, Manpower’s new Talent Shortage Survey says.

In the U.S., the situation is even worse: half of employers say they can’t find the workers they need.

The hardest to fill jobs in the Americas were technicians, sales reps, engineers and administrative staff. Finance, accounting, and management were also difficult positions to fill.

In the Americas, employers said they weren’t able to fill these positions because applicants were inexperienced or lacked technical skills. But almost one in four (23 percent) said they couldn’t fill these jobs because they received few to no applicants. Wow, really?

Of course, the industries/jobs that don’t appear on this anywhere: media, journalism, PR, advertising. If you’re a company in these industries, you have an embarrassment of riches to choose from, candidate-wise. And if you’re a jobseeker in these industries, that night course in electrical engineering might not be a bad backup.