Hardcore Social Game Company Kabam Gets into Pre-Paid Gift Card Business

Kingdoms of Camelot developer Kabam is following in the footsteps of industry leader Zynga by releasing its own pre-paid gift cards.

Players will be able to convert the gift cards, which will be available in $25 and $50 denominations, into in-game currency for any of Kabam’s Games on Facebook or its website. Google+ is noticeably absent from the list of supported platforms; Kabam tells us it hopes to set up a program with Google to support the game cards at some point in the future.

Purchasing pre-paid cards is a common practice for larger social game and PC game developers. Market leader InComm has signed deals with companies like Disney, Playdom, Nexon, Sony and Blizzard to create cards for their games. It’s a business that brought in $8 billion in retail transactions as far back as 2007.

Among social game developers that got their start on Facebook, Zynga was the first into the market, unveiling its own branded cards early last year that weren’t tied to Facebook Credits, allowing players to redeem the cards on Facebook and on Zynga’s standalone sites like FarmVille.com. Incidentally, Zynga’s can be redeemed on Google+.

Kabam’s cards can be used in its Facebook games Dragons of Atlantis, Edgeworld, Global Warfare, Glory of Rome and Kingdoms of Camelot, as well as in The Godfather: Five Families, which is currently only available on Kabam’s site. The cards are available at Best Buy and GameStop.