Hardcore Puzzle Game Zengrams Launches on iOS

ZengramsIndie game publisher Gameblyr has today announced the release of Zengrams on iOS devices. Created by Andreas Boye, Zengrams is a minimalistic puzzle game, containing 70 levels that challenge players to drag paper shapes into dotted outlines, combing shapes into multiple colors, cutting larger pieces into smaller ones, an so on, all without running out of moves.

In each level of Zengrams, players are presented with colorful shapes, which can be freely dragged around the screen. Paper can be “glued” together outside of a an outline to create larger pieces, or placed in such a way as to cut off the excess of a shape for further manipulation. Dragging pieces on top of one another combines their colors, and also helps eliminate excess paper on the screen, with each action costing a move.

The game’s deceptively simple design will see players retrying stages to find the proper orientation of each shape, and players can back up to each individual move if they’ve discovered where they went wrong, rather than starting each stage completely from scratch.ZengramsAs a premium download, what players see is what they get. There are no in-app purchases here, and there’s no hint system to help players out. Users simply can’t move on until they pass the current puzzle.

“Zengrams makes you smarter and offers a level of challenge unseen on iOS to date,” said Marco Mereu, CEO of Gameblyr, in a statement. “If Dark Souls and Blek had a baby, this would be it. We look forward to challenging the best puzzle gamers out there to complete all 70 challenges. We dare you to try it.”

Zengrams is available to download for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store.