Hardball Meets Leno

Taking a break from all that yelling he does, Chris Matthews made an appearance last night on The Tonight Show.

Upon his introduction, Jay Leno wondered: “Hey, he was a page. You don’t think…” (But alas, as it turns out Matthews was indeed not a page.)

Naturally, the pair bantered about the Mark Foley scandal, with Matthews saying that the e-mails in question left a “goo trail.” Enjoy that mental image for the rest of the day.

Matthews also predicted that the Democrats will take back the House — “not because they’re doing a good job in opposition, but, how can you lose to this crowd?”

When asked about Bob Woodward’s book, Matthews quoted Frank Rich in calling it “tardy investigative reporting,” saying that everyone already knew most of what the book reports.

Toward the end of the interview, Matthews got quite impassioned when speaking about the upcoming elections and the war in Iraq.

Luckily, John Mayer was on hand to mellow things out a little.