Happy Thanksgiving! Or, put differently, get stuffed.

it's turkey lurkey time.gif To whomever is checking this right now and not enjoying the seamless and easygoing experience of travelling on the biggest holiday of the year: Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great holiday, eat well, and tryp the light (to)phantastic — Fishbowl is technically off-duty but in case you’re bored rest assured that our OCD will keep us posting sporadically over the weekend as it amuses us, starting with Lunch at Michael’s, featuring some very attractive people and Fishbowl’s review of the new Michael’s Cobb Salad (did we like it? Did we hate it? Did we even finish it, little slip of a thing that we are? Come back and find out!). This holiday weekend will see Fishbowl opining on matters including but not limited to: Zell Miller in song, our favorite tear-out New York magazine posters, which Labor of Hercules best describes PlameGate (stomping, snorting, wild bull? Flock of messy birds? Delicious juicy apples?), the difference between Samantha Bee and Katherine Boo, the difference between Dan Froomkin and Seth Mnookin, and the difference between Adam Moss and David Remnick (“‘Tis the season to catch your significant other cheating on you” is a good start). In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and let’s all hope like hell that Howie Kurtz hasn’t gone on vacation.