Happy Quitting! TheLadders Introduces Resignation Texts (Yes, There’s an App for That)

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We know the feeling all too well when you’re completely ready to quit your job but perhaps you’ve been delaying the end date due to that otherwise awkward conversation with your boss.

Well, mobile recruiting company TheLadders has teamed up with the creators of Breakup Text to help remedy this situation with the Quit Your Job App.

Really? Oh yes.

Per the notification we received, all you need to do is tell the app why you’re leaving and what your plans are and the messaging system will be able to send that text to your boss. Here’s an example…

“[BOSS’S NAME], Outside the office window today, there floated a butterfly. It danced in the wind; graceful and elegant. Turning my stare back inside, my desk mate gorged on a rather pungent tuna fish sandwich. A part of me died as I watched him miss his mouth slightly, globs of tuna and mayonnaise falling in chunks on his shirt. So I quit. I quit my job where I’m surrounded by ogres and am going to become rich as an exquisite dancer. I know I don’t have any experience, but if I start now I can be a prima ballerina in what, 10 years? Screw that. I want to make MONEY. I still quit. I’ll just find a joint in Vegas where I’m paid cash – exclusively in ones.”

In a perfect world it sounds ideal, right? Avoid that awkward conversation altogether with a text. We get it, we really do. In theory.

Now we can’t share this information without offering our input: Please don’t resign via text messaging. Would you want to be hired via a text? We didn’t think so. Part of life involves awkward conversations and they truly do make you stronger. Have a conversation instead.