Happy Pets Goes Down But When Will It Return? (Updated)

Over the past 24 hours we’ve been receiving a ton of inquiries about Happy Pets going down, however we haven’t figured out why the application has gone down. With over 11 million monthly active users, Happy Pets is rapidly growing in popularity. Crowd Star, the developer behind the game, is also the developer of the hugely popular Happy Aquarium game which ranks as one of the 10 most popular applications on Facebook.

The game launched back in November and is extremely similar to Playfish’s Pet Society game, which is also the company’s largest game. One potential reason for the application’s downtime is the surge in traffic to the game. One week ago, Happy Pets’ daily active user level jumped by over 2 million users. Given that the company has scaled Happy Aquarium to over 6 million daily active users though, we think that it’s unlikely that scalability is the primary issue.

While we’ve reached out to CrowdStar for more information about the downtime, we are still awaiting a response. We will definitely update the post once we hear back however. Are you a Happy Pets player? Have you been having trouble accessing the application?

According to the company Chairman, Peter Relan, “There was a bug that resulted in a policy violation that caused a 24-hour moratorium. Happy Pets will be back up soon.”