Happy High Noon FishbowlDC Readers


Photo credit: Adam Verdugo

Just another evening in D.C.

“Typical DC dinner. Check your sidearms at the door. 2 people, 4 communication devices.” — NBC Producer Adam Verdugo in a tweet on Dec. 27.

Pleasant surprise: One of us will be spending New Year’s Eve in Miami. The best part is that ABC7’s wild train ride tweeter Stephen Tschida is also in Miami and we hope to hunt him down and at least say hello.

Some news: Yesterday, WaPo‘s Ezra Klein (who in January 2008 advised, “F–k Tim Russert with a spiky acid-tipped d–k“) made a dramatic move and blocked FishbowlDC on Twitter, saying he prefers to read things like Columbia Journalism Review, not FishbowlDC. We regret that he has made this decision, but trust life will somehow go on without being able to read his tweets. Surely the refined CJR doesn’t say things like Klein’s remark, but he’s above all that pettiness out there right? At the time, Klein told Wonkette he was joking.

Wisdom by Westfall

“Turns out humans really make things happen. When they’re not all on vacation. Slowest news day ever.” — TBD‘s Julie Westfall in a Wednesday tweet. Good to know how she feels about her colleagues.

Understatement of the year

“This has been an intense day – & it’s amazing how central of a role Twitter now plays in these disputes/debates.” — Salon’s Glenn Greenwald in a Wednesday tweet (yes he’s Manhattan-based, but we think his comment applies to Washington, too).