Happy Fruit Takes the Prize on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

Chinese developer Boyaa scores the top position on this week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook games, measured as those still under a million monthly active users. Boyaa’s game 開心水果(开心水果), which translates roughly to “Happy Fruit”, gained almost half a million new MAU:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. 開心水果(开心水果)494,158+479,742+3,328%
2. Warstorm740,434+326,815+79%
3. Mall Dreams707,953+326,590+86%
4. La Ferme380,401+299,454+370%
5. Cupcake Corner583,244+216,739+59%
6. La Tomatina574,022+211,226+58%
7. Toy Land495,512+185,422+60%
8. 開心花園287,189+168,791+143%
9. 小小戰爭695,226+144,696+26%
10. Green Farm362,747+143,151+65%
11. i Like Slots650,126+139,122+27%
12. Crime City197,122+136,047+223%
13. Fantasy Kingdoms509,413+135,551+36%
14. Robot Unicorn Attack464,645+128,247+38%
15. Candy Shop479,796+103,369+27%
16. Writer’s Blox232,889+101,259+77%
17. Gone Amazon225,697+99,933+79%
18. FantaBook689,554+95,664+16%
19. Chucke la taupe464,681+93,378+25%
20. Ranch Town888,040+89,578+11%

As the name suggests, Happy Fruit is more or less a farming / plant raising game. However, it looks and feels significantly different from most of its English-language counterparts, as you can see below:

Zynga’s Warstorm, which is picked up with its June acquisition of Challenge Games, has been on the rise for over a week. Zynga may have some plan for Warstorm, a fantasy strategy title; many of the other games that Zynga picked up with its buyouts were closed, but the company seems to be promoting this one.

At number three, Mall Dreams by Metrogames is the latest competitor to girly titles like Mall World, which have in the past picked up millions of mostly female users. It’s also worth pointing out here that Metrogames is becoming a significant mid-sized developer, nearing eight million MAU and 1.5 million DAU.

Also keep an eye on Cupcake Corner, by OMGPOP, and Toy Land, by RockYou. The latter title just showed up, and appears to be growing at an increasing clip.