Happy Friday. How About Some Fake Time Covers for the Road?

A fake cover for every taste

Corinne Grinapol

It’s not fun to get fake news when you’re looking for real news, or have your real news called fake when it’s not. But it’s July Fourth weekend. Maybe you feel like stepping out of the news cycle and winding down with some fake Time news covers you know are fake, imagining content that would exist behind the covers, if anything existed behind the covers.

You have options.

You can start with the most famous fake news cover going, hanging in Trump establishments across the country. Want to learn why “The ‘Apprentice’ is a Television Smash!”? You’ll have to fake read.

If you want your fake covers to come with a more anti-Trump bent, this Liar in Chief model is for you.

For a fake Time cover with a more refined provenance, here’s the New Yorker cartoon department version.

And the public radio version:

But if you insist on separating fact from fiction, here’s Time’s own primer on spotting the difference.