Happy Fifth Birthday Twitter, Congrats On Your 600K New Users Who Signed Up… Yesterday

Although Twitter’s technical “birth” was five years ago in March, Twitter opened its doors to the public exactly five years ago today. And to commemorate their baby coming into the world, the folks at Twitter are tweeting some pretty cool milestones.

In March, we wrote about five milestones that Twitter had reached over the past five years. But Twitter itself is celebrating today’s milestone with some other cool facts.

For instance, yesterday the company saw a massive 600,000 new users signing up to send their very first tweet. And, as they tweeted from @Twitter earlier today, it took them 16 months to reach their first 600,000 users.

Also an interesting little tidbit: when Twitter opened its doors to the public five years ago, it was called “Twttr”, not Twitter.

They’ve also let us in on some neat tweet stats. Five years ago, on July 15th 2006, the founders and the newly signed up public Twitter users sent a grand total of 224 tweets. Today, the millions of users on Twitter send that many tweets in less than a tenth of a second.

The Twitter Engineering Team (@twittereng) has also been tweeting some milestones: they apparently handle 350 billion tweets per day! As TechCrunch explains, that’s a lot compared to Google+’s recent declaration that they see 1 billion items shared each day, and Facebook’s announcement of 4 billion.

I wonder if the folks at the Twitter offices in San Francisco are going have some cake to celebrate today’s birthday!