Happy Birthday, Steven Heller!

happy birthday.jpg

Today is July 7, and you know what that means: National Strawberry Sundae Day! But more importantly, it’s design legend Steven Heller‘s birthday (and also that of Pierre Cardin, one of the few designers with whom Heller has yet to co-author a book). How is Heller celebrating the big 5-8? With his trademark superhuman productivity, of course. Today marks the launch of a daily e-mail version of The Daily Heller, the one-and-a-half-year old “repository for [his] musings and abusings about design and related worlds” hosted by PRINT magazine. On this day of days, Heller has good things to say about Mad Men, specifically the season one DVD set and its clever Zippo lighter-style case. “The series is better than I had thought, too,” adds Heller. Here at UnBeige HQ, we’re celebrating by eating strawberry sundaes whilst wearing our Heller masks from last fall, although we advise you not to try this at home.