Happy Birthday, Louie!

When we first saw this logo, we thought, “Wow. Louis Sullivan’s 150 years old. How did we miss this considering that 116-year-old woman who died the other day made news?” We automatically pictured a bowed over Louie, a little beaten by life, parked in front of a television set watching “American Idol” in a bleak nursing home somewhere in the U.S. Then we realized that Louis Sullivan At 150 is really about celebrating more than a century and a half of the famed architect’s legacy, beginning with his birth on Sept. 3, 1856. (He died April 14, 1924.) Which bring us to the onslaught of events tied to this famous date in history beginning with a tour of the Charnley-Persky house, which he designed. We’d like to tell you it’s all cake and lots of candles on Louie’s birthday on the 3rd, but there’s just a Sullivan’s Autobiography of an Idea Bus Tour on that day. No food. Darn!