Happy Birthday, Blogging!

It’s officially been 10 years since blogs have existed and its amazing to look back on the progress blogs have made within the scope of journalism. Blogs started off universally reviled as a “second-class” journalism relegated to people with too much time on their hands. Then the wave of citizen journalism came and now nearly every newspaper has a blog. Some blogs like Drudge Report are now venerated in the journalism community. So what do the next ten years hold?

As blogs become essential components of online news sites, media organizations will incorporate more bloggers from outside the newsroom. Great media blogs include SF Gate Tech Chronicles, the L.A. Times Homicide Blog and VH1’s Best Week Ever blog, as well as great local blogs like Port Orange (Fla.) Images and Metroblogging L.A. While there is still a distinction between bloggers and journalists (see evidence here ), the gap is becoming less noticeable.