Happy Bastille Day from UnBeige

We’re feeling a little queasy here at UnBeige headquarters, having spent much of the day chasing down Nutella-smeared baguettes and flaky delicacies from nearby Payard with too many flutes of Moët & Chandon. And so, while we retire to our Pierre Paulin-designed Mushroom chairs to enjoy a screening of Le Ballon Rouge, we offer you Paul Tedeschi‘s charming tribute to a wiser choice of festive beverages on this Bastille Day: Orangina. “Back in the stone age of web-based animation, oh, maybe five years ago, I put this together to entertain my clients at Snapple,” noted Tedeschi last fall when posting the below video to YouTube. “I set it to the Canadian nation anthem because, frankly, the French one isn’t all that funny.” For further proof of Tedeschi’s anthemic assertion, we point you to Jean Renoir‘s 1938 film La Marseillaise, which only becomes funny after the aforementioned quantity of champagne. A votre santé!