Happy Alissa Walker Tribute Day!


By now you’ve read yesterday’s late-breaking announcement and the fond, ’90’s R&B-themed farewell. But we couldn’t stop there. Although we didn’t have time to prepare (or convince Chip Kidd–or Peter Mendelsund–to design) a fitting festschrift for our dear departing editrix, we decided to do the next best thing and declare today, February 1st, official UnBeige Alissa Walker Tribute Day! (And unlike tomorrow, this holiday does not involve a famous rodent who dabbles in meteorology.)

So, why not gather your Star Wars memorabilia and design magazines around you and spend the rest of this Friday strolling down a designcentric memory lane as you peruse some of Alissa’s greatest hits of the past two years in our voluminous UnBeige archives (including, of course, her recent coverage of Compostmodern, AIGA NEXT, and last fall’s Dwell on Design confab) and join us in raising a glass–filled, of course, with several scoops of brilliantly-hued gelato (baby)–and toasting the wonderful Alissa. We’ll be back soon to give you the scoop from today’s Greener Gadgets conference and some design highlights from the first day of New York Fashion Week.