Happy 2nd Birthday to AllFacebook

I’m happy to say that today is the two year anniversary of the launch of AllFacebook. What started as a mission of building a popular site has turned into a full blown obsession for me. We’ve been tracking new applications, new features, and theorizing about future features to be added to the site. The site had around 20 million users when we first started and has now grown to over 325 million users. This site now has over 2,078 articles, 284 of which have been posted by other people (Anthony LaFauce, Kristen Nicole, Will M, and many others), 1,794 of which have been posted by me.

Honestly this site has grown beyond levels I would have never imagined possible. So far we have over 5 million pageviews and we’ve grown over 400 percent in just 4 months. I only hope to continue that growth and hope that you’ll continue to support this site. We’ve also been extremely fortunate to have amazing sponsors that have helped me cover most of my costs. Media Temple has also become a sponsor to assist in covering our hosting costs.

While I may occasionally screw up and crash their servers, the overall experience has been an extremely positive one. Later this week I’ll be rolling out some updated features and there will be many new things to come in the near future. With no editorial experience when this blog started, this has been one of the most significant learning experiences for me ever. Also I couldn’t have built this site if it weren’t for Facebook. The company continues to innovate and we continue to track them every step of the way.

We now track 78,829 applications and approximately 1.2 million Facebook public profiles. This number continues to grow quickly and will only expand through new initiatives from Facebook. Thanks to everybody who has been reading us over the years. I hope we can continue to inform and entertain for years to come.