Happy 25th, This Week!

ABC’s “This Week” celebrated it’s 25th anniversary yesterday with a celebration and brunch following the show.


The program featured a special segment with some “wisdom” from the late David Brinkley, who began the broadcast 25 years ago. A brunch for staffers followed the broadcast in the Bureau. In attendance: George and the Rountablers (Sam, Cokie and George Will), ABC News Bureau Chief Robin Sproul, EP Kathy O’Hearn, ABC News’ Claire Shipman and her husband Time’s Washington Bureau Chief Jay Carney, ABC News Consultant and Democratic Strategist Donna Brazile, Senior Producer Adam Belmar, ABC News Senior Political Director Virginia Moseley, and many others.

Oh, and Cokie Roberts 5 year old granddaughter from NC stole the show.

More photos when you click below…