Happy 1st Birthday Situation Room

Yes, today is the one year anniversary of CNN’s “The Situation Room” and Wolf Blitzer was gracious enough to take this “My Future’s So Bright I Have To Wear Shades” photo exclusively for FishbowlDC, complete with birthday candles on the video wall and Jack Cafferty’s always-sobering presence lingering over the place.

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Some highlights of The Situation Room’s performance, provided by CNN:

  • “The program is up double digits in the advertiser coveted demo (P25-54) during the 4 and 5 p.m. hours (ET) over last July.”

  • “During the 5p hour, it has narrowed the gap with FNC’s Big Story in the demo from 129 percent in July 2005 to the smallest margin on the entire network — 13 percent in July 2006.”

  • “Situation Room (three- hour average): up 44% in P2+ (691k vs. 480k) and up 78% in P25-54 (226k vs. 127k)”

    “4pm: up 70% in P2+ (665k vs. 392k) and up 129% in P25-54 (199k vs. 87k)”

    “5pm: up 47% in P2+ (716k vs. 486k) and up 93% in P25-54 (230k vs. 119k)”

    “7pm: up 33% in P2+ (687k vs. 517k) and up 57% in P25-54 (247k vs. 157k)”

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