What Happens In a Twitter Minute? [Infographic]

Search and profile viewing are the two most popular activities on Twitter.

Twitter is a busy place these days. Over 280 million monthly active users send more than 500 million tweets per day, and 80 percent of those active users send tweets from mobile according to information from the company. But by its nature, things happen on Twitter in minutes, not in months. WhoIsHostingThis.com has compiled an infographic to show just how much happens in a Twitter minute.

With more than 1.45 million queries every minute, search is one of the most popular activities on the site. The next most popular activity is timeline viewing — there are 1.22 million timeline views every minute. The volume of tweets is also enormous, with more than 347,000 140 character messages going out every 60 seconds.

Twitter is known for its high levels of activity during live events. Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance in August of 2013 generated 300,000 tweets per minute. Twitter also managed to gracefully handle the load generated by World Cup tweets this year, even when the service saw more than 618,000 tweets as Germany took the final victory.

To see more information about the popularity of Vine, and to see just how much revenue Twitter generates every minute, view the infographic below.

Twitter minute