Happening Now! Wolf at Dinner

Imagining an intense Wolf Blitzer

Someone listened! On Friday’s “The Situation Room,” Wolf Blitzer only reminded viewers 38 times that they were “in the Situation Room”–nearly half the rate of his previous days.

Today Marketwatch’s Jon Friedman reviews the first week of the show and was very encouraged. “Blitzer’s show will be a compelling test to see if a hard-news program can obtain meaningful ratings from a public that seems to care more about car chases, celebrity break-ups and stickups.”

“CNN’s Wolfman…speaks with great intensity, tinged with his patented melodramatic inflections. He pretty much always looks intense on camera. Come to think of it, I bet he looks intense when he brushes his teeth,” Friedman writes.

Indeed, it’s a thought we’ve had many times. One imagines what it must be like to be a dinner guest at Blitzer’s house: Every three minutes, a shout from the head of the table, interrupting all conversation: “You’re in MY DINING ROOM!”

Then, when he gets up, “It’s 8:37 here in Washington, and HAPPENING NOW!!! I’m going to clear your salad plates and go to the bathroom. Stay tuned for an exclusive steak béarnaise, and, later, we’ll check in with the butler to find out what’s going on for dessert. You’re in MY DINING ROOM! Don’t go away.”

Of course, he didn’t become intense lately. No, Wolf, has always been Mr. Intensity. You wonder what he was like in high school? Ever the romantic post-prom: “You’re in the BACKSEAT OF MY CAR! HAPPENING NOW, I’m going to….”