Harper’s Bazaar Launches Shopping Supplement Harper

A magazine full of ads inside a magazine full of ads

Harper’s Bazaar has found a great way to drain cash from an advertiser: Allow them to sponsor an entire mini version of the magazine. This is how Bazaar ended up with harper, a new 24-page supplement for “stylish and social millennial women who love to shop.”

The inaugural issue of harper is sponsored by Nordstrom, so we’ll give you just one guess which retailer offers most of the products that are featured inside.

Harper will be guest-edited by a different person each month, starting with Alexa Chung. The next issue will debut with the May Bazaar and be edited by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Carol Smith, Bazaar’s VP, publisher and chief revenue officer, has already declared harper a success. She described it as “fun, fresh, and appealing” and that reader response has been “strong.” Keep shopping, ladies.