German Newspaper Publisher Completes Unique U.S. Road Trip

Two-month itinerary retraced the 1957 travels of a grandather who previously helmed the publication

Jochen Anderweit, publisher of German newspaper Grafschafter Nachrichten, never met his grandfather Hans Kip. But 60 years after Kip traveled around the U.S., grandson Anderweit has posted all of his relative’s articles written during a sanctioned 1957 visit to the United States and blogged two months’ worth of his own about his duplicate travels across America, in an RV, accompanied by his family.

Kip was front-page news in Holland, Mich. when he visited there in April of 1957. Anderweit for his part got a nice write-up on MLive as he swung through Holland last week. The journalist, along with his wife and their two children, will return to Germany June 19:

The Americans they have met along the way have been friendly and outgoing, says Anderweit. During their journeys, Anderweit said he has yet to meet anyone who can adequately explain why Americans voted in Donald Trump as their president.

As a newspaper publisher, Anderweit said he also has been watching the changes in the American news media as German publishers also struggle with a loss of print readers and the shift to digital platforms.

On Anderweit’s travel blog, it’s fun to look at all the old photos from grandfather Kip’s dispatches. The newspaper was passed on in 1965 to Kip’s daughter, who ran it through 2012, at which point Anderweit took over. All in the family and, in the case of this spring and early summer, doubly so.