Hancock Opens Tomorrow; Fictional PR Rep Offers Real Debt Relief


We reported before that the plot of Hancock involves Ray Embrey, a PR rep played by Jason Bateman attempting to rehab the image a superhero in need of a trip to rehab, played by Will Smith.

The fictional flack’s “All Heart” campaign uses real news tie-in to build good will for Hancock in the form of mortgage relief. I like the name All Heart. It’s a thoughtful ding at empty remember-your-spirit campaigns. As in all heart, no brains, and not much payoff–though the payoff here is decent. Perhaps this is a sign the movie will be reasonably good in looking at the relationship between damage control experts and the press.

The payoff here interestingly, is aimed at the middle class. The rules stipulate that the owner must make less than $80,000, paid no more than $200,000 for their home and owe no more than $200,000 (meaning you can’t be under water already). The winner gets $360,000 in escrow to pay off their nut, then gets a check for the balance. Pretty sweet. Odds are likely pretty good since you have to meet this criteria, and write a 1,500 word essay. Enter the contest here.