Hamster Ball Bubble Shooter Launches on Facebook

Hamster BallsCreative Mobile’s Fun Factory, along with Bad Kitty’s Dad, have announced the release of Hamster Balls on Facebook and Google Play. The bubble shooter is aimed at female players who enjoy puzzle and logic games, and stars a group of hamsters on a mission to rescue their friend Timmy from a series of experiments in their owner’s basement. In each level, players will shoot colored orbs at formations at the top of the screen to make groups of three-or-more matching bubbles, with each level having a different overall goal.

One level of Hamster Balls may ask players to clear all of the bubbles from the screen’s formation before running out of shots, while another asks players to earn a large number of points, as examples. Players earn points for every bubble they destroy, but if they can make matches in rapid succession, they’ll receive combo points to boost their score.

Hamster BallsPower-up bubbles are available to help players out. One may act as a wildcard, and can be shot at any pair of bubbles to destroy them, while another clears every bubble of a single color from the screen, as examples. These powers become more valuable as players progress, since levels themselves become more complicated over time.

For instance, early on, bubbles begin to take on armored shells, and must be used in a match twice before they’re actually removed from the screen. In other levels, the bubbles will slowly fall down the screen, adding an element of haste to the experience. Additional levels may add flies trapped in bubbles which must be rescued, and so on. A key system is also introduced as players make progress, allowing players to free keys from specific bubbles which are used to unlock additional level packs at the main menu.

Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their score. They’ll also earn cheese as they play, which can be used to purchase boosts like aiming trajectory lines, or even a permanent increase to their maximum lives counter. Each hamster has their own specific boosters and abilities. Runner, for instance, can generate bombs for clearing bubbles, while Psycho can create Tesla Towers that blast the bottom row of the bubble formation, as examples.

If players fail to reach a level’s particular goal, they’ll lose a life. These recharge automatically over time, or can be purchased with cheese. Users can also ask their Facebook friends to send them lives for free.

Hamster Balls is available to play for free on Facebook, and to download for free on Google Play.