Dan Abrams Recalls O.J.’s Incriminating Shoes

Two striking photos by Nigel Parry framing two pages of revealing Dan Abrams quotes. That’s what lies behind the cover of the Holiday Issue of Hamptons magazine, on newsstands this week, showing the Nightline co-host and Good Morning America legal correspondent strolling with son Everett.

Interviewer Ali Wentworth pays Abrams a nice compliment with Question #1, mentioning that when she and her husband George Stephanopoulos went to the opening of Abrams’ new establishment White Street, they had one of the most delicious meals they’ve had in “a long time,” accompanied by some mixology that Stephanopoulos pronounced to be “one of the best cocktails he’s ever had.” Then there’s Abrams’ answer to Question #10:

I have to say how amazing it is that you, as a young lawyer, got to cover the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Did you know that O.J. Simpson was guilty?

Anyone who watched that trial knew that O.J. Simpson was guilty. But more importantly, anyone who watched the civil trial… O.J. Simpson had to testify during the civil case, and that’s when his story completely fell apart. There were shoe prints found at the scene — I think it was size 13 Bruno Magli shoes. Simpson had claimed that he would never wear such ugly shoes, and yet as the civil trial was about to start, a newsletter from the Buffalo Bills from eight months before the murder [showed] him wearing those ugly shoes.

The caption for the inset photo across the page from these remarks featuring Abrams and his super-cute son, both styled for the article by Lauren Finney, ends with an entirely more cheerful footwear reference. It reads: ‘… ON EVERETT: Cardigan ($225) and denim pant ($210), Gucci. Shirt and shoes, Everett’s own.’

Cover image courtesy: Fox Greenberg Public Relations