Hamlett Gets Promoted

Todd Zwillich at Capitol News Connection writes in to FishbowlDC to break some news:

    Capitol Hill reporters may have noticed that 15-year House staffer Joyce Hamlett is no longer manning her post at the desk in the House Speaker’s Lobby. For years, Hamlett collected the cards reporters send onto the House floor in hopes of getting members to come out for interviews. Despite her sunny demeanor, Hamlett was also the official enforcer of Speaker’s Lobby rules for correspondents, and showed no fear in lambasting reporters and lawmakers alike who broke them.

    Hamlett says she’s been promoted to Floor Assistant to the Sergeant-at-Arms. She can still be seen hovering around the chamber doors, though her interaction with reporters is much-reduced. Hamlett says she is “so happy” about her promotion, but that she does miss working so closely with the press corps…kind of. “It really wasn’t torture for me,” she says.