Hyperlocal Network HamletHub Adds Another

In the shadow of the rise and fall of Patch, another hyperlocal network has been doing it in a manner that the AOL venture likely wishes – in retrospect – that it had too. Namely, growing via baby steps rather than busting out quickly across the country to satisfy a parent-company spreadsheet.

HamletHub, launched in 2010, is now approaching two dozen sites. The latest, serving Croton-on-Hudson in New York, looks great and counts as its editor longtime resident Ken Sargeant:

Ken has lived in Croton with his family since 1991. He has played an active role in local environmental and cultural organizations throughout that time. A visual arts professional with a background in commercial photography, as well as documentary film, Ken is the proprietor of RiverLiver Productions, and co-Founder of the Harlem Cultural Archives, a New York State chartered historical society.

Sargeant’s initial items include one about a local animator who very recently collaborated with Cloris Leachman and the late Eli Wallach. Will HamletHub succeed? Who knows. But we applaud founder Kerry Anne Ducey for scaling in a way that gives her and it a much better fighting chance.

Update (June 30):
As this item was being posted, HamletHub notified of another new site covering the CT areas of Canaan and Norfolk.

Update (July 7):
We wanted, within the time frame of this article, to make note of one more HamletHub launch. Today, the network officially announced a site in Mount Kisco, NY.

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