The Top Halloween Costumes, According To Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s that time of year when some younguns ask their parents to buy extravagant costumes dedicated to Avengers or Batmen and get saddled with cheap knock offs – while other children are decked out in LEDs and go absolutely viral. But how we would ever knew which costume was most popular in the Universe if we didn’t have good ol’ Twitter?

An infographic from the folks over at digimind shows just which costumes are trending this year and while I don’t want to spoil the surprise, let’s just say any publicity is good publicity for this year’s top costume. The rest of the entries follow in line with today’s pop culture as the more conservative costumes probably won’t be getting any mentions on Twitter. Nobody’s going to be tweeting “Hey, I just saw the most amazing anonymous ghost costume” anytime soon.

Check out the infographic below:

(Source: Digimind)