Halloween Costume Community

As a kid, choosing a Halloween costume was relatively simple.

He-Man or Skeletor? G.I. Joe or The Ultimate Warrior? Basically, any “cool,” larger-than-life action hero would do.

These days, with the amount of data available at everybody’s fingertips, polling the masses has become commonplace – even when choosing a Halloween costume.

Merging All Hallows Eve with Web 2.0 is Costumzee, a destination that lets you know what the most popular costumes are and gives you a community to plug in to.

The Costumzee Billboard, available on the site’s homepage, will tip you off on what’s popular this year. (I guess my He-Man costume is no longer relevant.)

Currently, the top tag is “sexy,” the most popular movie costume (surprise, surprise) is the Joker from The Dark Knight, and the top selling (which I find hard to believe) is Indiana Jones.

The latest site viewers get an icon on the homepage that lead you to their profile page. Each registered user gets a news feed so that other people can follow their every Halloween move.

Are you ready to join the virtual costume party? Use the Facebook app and let all your friends know what you’re dressing up as this year.

Members can also submit do-it-yourself costume guides. And this economic crisis, that’s not a bad idea. I’m dressing up as a struggling member of the middle-class. How about you?

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