Hallmark, Chupamobile Launch Maxine’s Snack Attack on Mobile

The food-themed line-drawing puzzle game allows users to complete 100 levels and read quotes from Hallmark's opinionated character, Maxine.

Hallmark‘s opinionated character, Maxine, now has her own mobile game: Maxine’s Snack Attack. Developed by Chupamobile, the food-themed line-drawing puzzle game allows users to complete 100 levels and read quotes from Maxine.

In Maxine’s Snack Attack, players are challenged to complete a different objective in each stage before running out of moves or time. For instance, one stage may ask players to collect special items by dropping them to the bottom of the board, while another stage may ask users to clear blocks from the board by making matches containing the symbols on top of them, and so on.

In each stage, players can remove food symbols from the board by drawing lines that connect three or more matching, touching symbols. Lines can be drawn horizontally, vertically and diagonally. As players create lines containing six or more symbols, they’ll create power-up symbols that can clear whole rows or columns of symbols from the board.

Gamers have access to power-ups that can help them complete stages. For instance, one power can remove a chosen symbol from the board. Users can also purchase extra moves for a stage.

Giulio Castagna, CEO of Chupamobile, told SocialTimes:

Hallmark is the world’s best-known greeting-card company, and we are very excited to have joined our efforts and offered our expertise on the mobile game industry to bring to life Maxine’s Snack Attack.

Maxine’s Snack Attack is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.